Enough is enough, it's empire building time.

- Michael Bellett CPA, CA | Principal | Longbow Consulting Ltd.  



The world has changed. Innovation in technology, marketing, and consumer access is driving significant and irreversible change in the market your business operates in, putting pressure on the concept of "how" business is done in the current information age. There is no turning back; there is no ability to resist the swelling tide of change. There are only new potential and new possibilities at your doorstep. Longbow Consulting is a steward of this change, embracing the enormous power provided to business through the utilization of the new tools and concepts in our grasp. Our mandate is to provide our clients with a path to reach their newfound potential, guiding them with a steady hand through the challenges they are faced with. Growth and profitability are driven solely by effectiveness and efficiency in every aspect, process, and interaction that culminate in your business. Without efficiency, effectiveness is futile. Without effectiveness, efficiency will accomplish nothing. As business professionals born of the information age, we understand how information technology is important and embrace its power. We know exactly how to bestow these gifts upon you, empowering a new generation of entrepreneurs and business owners. The only thing you have to fear is inaction. Contact us today to begin the journey of realizing your true potential!





We use cloud based systems to provide efficient and accurate bookkeeping, payroll, and tax services.  We can maintain your bookkeeping and accounting records, file your GST/PST and corporate income taxes, and manage your payroll and related government filings.  We integrate automated monthly checklists to help you communicate with us regarding new or unusual issues occuring in your business.  We use Optical Character Recognition ("OCR") technology to capture andd store bills and receipts, all you need to do is snap pictures on your phone and the images are uploaded directly to us. 


Our passion is helping businesses achieve their full economic potential, focusing on the two cornerstones of success - growth and profitability.  We are not your Grandfather's consultants, our approach is rooted in innovative thinking with the application of creativity to the problem-solving process.  It can be done, you can achieve everything you set out to. 


You know something is wrong, you are just not sure what it is.  Engage our team to complete a ground up assessment of your Company's business, its goals, aspirations, and plan to achieve them.  Often we are engaged to review a specific issue or area of concern and through our onsite review and assessment come to learn that the thing the company is most concerned about has nothing to do with the problem it is trying to address, the issue lies deeper and in an area of your business that was thought to be doing just fine.  We will propose changes and work with you and your team through the implementation process to ensure the desired result is achieved. 


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